Exploring Japanese Design

In the end of October 2017, Interior Design Students of ITB  &  2 lectures visited some areas around four cities in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya and Kobe) to enrich spatial experiences and to explore possibilities in developing cooperation activities with Japanese Universities.
Some meetings with professors and students of three Japanese universities (Musashino Art University-Tokyo, Nagoya University and Kobe Design University) were conducted to enhance mutual understanding: design discussions, buildings visits as well as exhibitions  reviews. Students also experienced sophisticated spatial compositions and details of buildings designed by prominent world designers such as Fumihiko Maki, Tadao Ando, Toyo Ito and Kisho Kurokawa. The short journey was also addressed to enrich students visions on design and culture by visiting some heritage sites, some of them are world heritage sites around Kyoto areas. Special gratitude was expressed to Prof. Shinichi Ito and his students of Interior & Furniture Design Department (Musashino Art University), Prof. Hisashi Komatsu of Graduate School of Environmental Studies-Nagoya University and, Prof. Kawakita Takeo, Prof. Sano Hirozo, Prof. Sagara Jiro , Ms. Naomi Kubo and students of the Kobe Design University.



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