Discussion on Innovation-based on Science, Technology, and Design

Discussion on Innovation-based on Science, Technology, and Design

1st JAIST World Class Conference, February 27-28, 2018

Link: http://www.jaist.ac.jp/event/innovation2018/invited.html


Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) is one of leading research institutes in Japan. JAIST held the 1st JAIST World Class Conference, with theme: “Design for All Aspects of Advanced Science and Technology,” on February 27-28, 2018 di Nomi, Ishikawa, Japan. The conference aims to create a space where academics and practitioners from several fields of expertise can exchange knowledge and engage in meaningful discussions to promote the creation of diverse innovations based on science, technology, and design. Deny Willy Junaidy, PhD., a member of Man and Interior Space Research Group of Faculty of Art and Design ITB has joined the conference as invited speaker.

A number of keynote speakers and invited speakers from reputable research institution and university were invited in this event (e.g., University of Utah; Aalto University; Sorbonne University; Hamburg University; University of Cambridge; IBM Almaden Research, USA; Universität Münster; University of Sheffield; Politecnico di Milano; University of Southampton;  University of Torino; Monash University, etc).




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