WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN 2045? “Future Living Space Design Workshop”


“Future Living Space Design Workshop”

Ruang Luang Exhibition

Organized by Ikatan Mahasiswa Desan Interior ITB (IMDI ITB)

March 28th-29th, 2018


The Workshop for Future Living Space Design is a pre-event of IMDI Ruang LuangExhibition. The workshop discussed terms from a futurologist Stuart Candy’s: Different kinds of potential futures: “The Probable Future,” “The Plausible Future,” “The Possible Future,” “The Preferable Future,” “The Fantasy Zone.” By means of Anthony Dunne & Finoa Raby’s theory of speculative design of possible futures as a tools to better understand the present and to discuss the kind of future people want, and of course, ones people do not want. Participants took the form of scenarios, often starting with a what-if question, and are intended to open up spaces of debate and discussion; therefore, they are by necessity provocative, intentionally simplified, and fictional. Participants came to awareness that future are not a destination or something to be strived for but a medium to aid imaginative thought—to speculate with. Not just about the future but about today as well, and this is where they become critique, especially when they highlight limitations that can be removed and loosen, even just a bit, reality’s grip on our imagination. participants were challenged to predict human living space design in 2045. Great teamwork from various backgrounds created final works with their own uniqueness. The final works of this workshop will be exhibited in upcoming the Ruang Luang Exhibition 2018.


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