Nature Created by Design – International Exhibition, Ansan – Republic of Korea


Nature Created by Design; Traditional Garden

The 13th exhibition since 2006.

Nature has existed millions of years before human beings were born. However, we are suffering from natural disorder; abnormal climate, global warming and other environmental issues. Therefore, it’s the time to reconsider the relations of human and nature. Man is the only organism with the capability to interpret and appreciate the greatness of Mother Nature. This is surely a great blessing. The essence of nature is interpreted differently in the East and the West.

Nature Created by Design – Traditional Garden of the East and the West, is an exhibition of student works from both hemispheres, and brings together different view points from ideological and philosophical perspectives. Traditional Garden can be interpreted as a form of nature to produce ‘a memory devise’ for each culture. In addition, people can rememorize and revitalize the nature which is not be demolished in industrialization. The above is why we are doing the exhibition with the students In this exhibition.

Students from four universities, Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea, Musashino Art University in Japan, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts in China and Reading University in the UK, Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia, Zuyd University of Applied Science in Netherland have produced works with one theme, allowing for the sharing of different perspectives and meaning of each other’s cultures.

Students have studied and analyzed how predecessors have produced their works and learned of their philosophies, cultural background, traditional materials and production methods. Each student then produced their own works re-interpreting nature for the contemporary audience, according to their own expressive styles.

Works could be sculptures, paintings, objects, videos or other various mediums using contemporary materials and techniques. The process has allowed the young generation of Asia and Europe to study traditional garden and then to produce a contemporary re- interpretation of nature for the global audience, to seek universality while rooted in the traditional. The exhibit will be an opportunity for the audience to reexamine the essentiality of nature and the importance of traditions and cultures.


2018 Participants:
University of Reading (UK)
Musashino Art University (Japan)
Shanghai Institute of VIsual Art (China)
Zuyd University of Applied Science (Netherland)
Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia)
Seoul Institute of the Arts (South Korea)


Interior Design presented 13 body of works based on a workshop and a class discussion; “Our Winged-Neighbour” generated by Yuki Agriardi & Dwi Hatmojo Danurdoro, about the issue of habitat fragmentation and space-sharing with the urban birds.





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